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Ravioli and pesto? 

More like ravioli and besto. 


Go make a PBJ tortilla…right now. 

Why is this so damn good? 

I have perfectly great bread in my kitchen…BUT TORTILLAS. 

I would like to learn more about my followers

Send me some junk and tell me more about yourself. 

Where do you live?
What’s your favorite pizza topping?
What’s the last thing you said to yourself out loud?
How many toes were you born with? How many do you currently have?
What’s your sexual preference? 
What do you think is the best way to test new vaccines and products of any kind?

Bonus question:
What’s my favorite food? 

Or ask me something about myself. 


No matter how hard I try to eat healthy, I will never be able to divorce pizza.

Dinner with friends at IHOP.

It’s SO awesome that I get invited to dinner when I’m trying to be on a diet/cleanse.

It’s hard to go on a diet when things like pizza exist.